FAQ on BASP21 Pro

* How much does it cost?

Site License: 1,000US$
Site License permits an organization to share BASP21 Pro among one or more PCs (regardless of Server or client) at a single facility. The term [Site] does not have any Relation to [Domain]. Even in case you use multi-domains as ISP, It is permitted to use BASP21 pro on PCs at a single facility.
Distribution to another facility is prohibited.
Currently We only provide site license.

* How can I have Technical Support?

We provide 1 Year Free e-Mail Support. Support includes as follows

inquiries about usage.
inquiries about defect
Support Center
Download Minor version up version
If you want to extend support period after one year from the day of your purchase, the following license is available:
Support License: one year 500US$

* Where do I get Manual?

We only provide online Manuals. Check for latest manual if you are referring to printed or offline manual.
BASP21 Pro Manual Lists is as follows.
Manual Name Description
BASP21 Pro User's Guide How to use in different environments (e.g.ASP/IE..)
BASP21 Pro Application Guide How to develop Application (e.g.mail sending/file uploading feature)
BASP21 Pro reference Explication on Methods and properties
BASP21 Pro Release Note Release Note and Explication on how to Install, Uninstall, and version up are included in installed files
BASP21 Pro FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

* Requirements for BASP21 Pro Component

Requirements for BASP21 Pro Component is as following.
Items Description
Hardware Requirements I386 Architecture.DOS/V PC,PC98-NX series,PC-9821series
OS Windows NT 4.0,Windows 2000 Server/AdvancedServer
Windows NT Workstation 4.0,Windows 2000 Professional,Windows 95/98/Me
host requirement ASP,IE 3.02 or above,WSH,VBA,Visual Basic 5.0/6.0,Visual C++ 5.0/6.0

* Can I install BASP21 and BASP21 in parallel?

Yes, you can. For, file names are different between BASP21 and BASP21 Pro. BASP21 Pro supports installation to any directories you want.

* Can I run BASP21 scripts on BASP21 Pro without any modification?

Methods listed below work properly without any modification.

Base64 BinaryConcat BinaryRead BinaryWrite ByteArray Debug DebugClear FileCheck
Form FormBinary FormFileName FormFileSize FormSaveAs HAN2ZEN Kconv
KconvFile MD5 MidB ReadDir ReadMail RepTagChar Sleep Sort SortMail StrConv CodePage Version
when you are using methods above, All you have to do is to change PROGID from 'basp21' to 'basp21pro'.
Set bobj = Server.CreateObject("basp21")
Set bobj = Server.CreateObject("basp21pro")
You need to modify some parameters if you are using Methods listed below.
rc = bobj.Execute(cmd,mode,stdout)
stdout = bobj.Execute(cmd,mode)

output = bobj.RcvMail(svname,user,pass,command,dirname)
output = bobj.RcvMail(user,pass,command[,dirname])

msg = bobj.SendMail(svname,mailto,mailfrom,subj,body,files)
rc = bobj.SendMail(mailto,subj,body[,files])
BASP21 Pro does not support BASP21 Methods listed below.
Counter GetTempFile SendMailEx Match Replace Translate Split FGrep SplitB
sprintf strftime Space IsNum MatchEx W3get MatchB Execute2
Socket Objects(6 methods) FTP Objects(12 methods)

* What is the difference between BASP21 and BASP21 Pro?

BASP21 Pro is a new component based on easy-to-use BASP21.
Items BASP21 BASP21 Pro
Support Availability Support is provided at Response center(BBS) by volunteer stuff (Japanese Only). Responses are NOT guaranteed. E-mail support is provided. and Responses are guaranteed.
PROGID basp21 basp21pro
Install path fixed in system directory.
NT/2000 c:\winnt\system32
95/98/ME c:\windows\system
arbitrary directory.
Install method regsvr32 (path name)\basp21.dll regsvr32 (path name)\basp21p.dll
Installed files basp21.dll bsmtp.dll bregexp.dll binetx.dll bcount.dll bsendm.exe basp21.tlb
670KB in total
basp21p.dll bhelper.exe basp21p.ini basp21pro.tlb basp21p.inf
npbasp21.dll Basp21p.class
456KB in total
New methods provided by BASP21 Pro - BinaryComp Bsendm Cancel Diff
DownLoad Monitor Process PutLog ReadLog
SecureFile SortFile UpLoad
Property Only CodePage Result Env FireEvent Home IsError
LastMsg MailBox MailFrom MailOption
MailQueue PopServer Result Server ShowDialog Trap
Event None OnLog OnProgress
Methods deleted on BASP21Pro - Counter GetTempFile SendMailEx Match Replace Translate Split FGrep SplitB sprintf strftime Space IsNum MatchEx W3get MatchB Execute2 Socket Objects (6 methods) FTP Objects(12 methods)
Environment Configuration Feature not supported Supported. 'Env' property makes it easy to configure environment dependent settings (e.g. server name)
Monitor Feature not supported Supported. 'Monitor' method provides method in-progress monitoring in other process.
Cancel Feature not supported Supported. 'Cancel' method can abort method being run in other process.
Log Feature log feature is supported only at sending mails log feature is supported in all methods, property run results, processing time, error details and user logs. refer to Log Record
File Upload Feature(Server-side) Supported Supported. 'FormSaveAs' method  supports No overwrite mode and add mode.
File Upload Feature(client-side) supported. with BFup ActiveX Control supported. Upload method provides HTTP/FTP mode ,file splitting is supported in HTTP mode (supporting over 2GB file size).
File Download Feature W3Get method DownLoad method supporting resuming feature.
SSL(https) Feature not supported supported in UpLoad/DownLoad method
in-progress dialogue view Feature not supported supportedShowDialog propertysupports dialogue view.
mail transmission method connect to SMTP server one by one. one time connect to SMTP server mode is newly added. (FlushMail/Bsendm)
mail re-transmission feature not supported supported FlushMail method
flush mail feature Supported by bsendm.exe Supported by 'Bsendm' method.you can do it with mail file + FlushMail method.
run method from command line not supported supported BHELPER.EXE you can copy the command run results to clip board.
Method limiting feature not supported supported allow parametercan configure environment.
Error trap feature not supported supported Trap propertycan abort script when error is occured.
Netscape Navigator Plug-in none Supported in Navigator 3.x or  above. JavaScript can access it in Navigator 4.x
Recommended New Features. - ShowDialog property provides Dialogue View.
Monitor method provides method monitoring.
Cancel method provides method  canceling.
UpLoad method provide file uploading from client.
SecureFile method provide file monitoring.
Diff method provide file diff.

* Why was Regular Expression Method deleted?

- JScript/VBScript supports Regular Expression Method.
- We have a plan to develop new Regular Expression Method Component.

* Do you plan to provide non-COM DLLs like BSMTP.DLL?

Not currently We have no plan to.

* What are the file components of BASP21 Pro ?

BASP21 Pro has following 7 files.
Module name Description
BASP21P.DLL(240KB) BASP21 Pro component itself. COM module developed with Visual C++ 6.0 ATL.
BHELPER.EXE(68KB) Command line BASP21 Pro lapper. Win32 application developed with Visual C++ 6.0.
BASP21P.INI(1KB) INI file for BASP21 Pro Component. File size varies on contents of configuration.
BASP21PRO.TLB(11KB) Type library specified in #import to call BASP21 Pro Component in Visual C++.
BASP21P.INF(1KB) Parameter file for creating BASP21P.CAB file.
NPBASP21.DLL(132KB) Plug-in module for Netscape Navigator.
Basp21p.class(4KB) Java class library for Netscape Navigator 4.x LiveConnect.

* Is Install Directory fixed?

No, Install directory is not fixed. You can install to any directories you like.
BASP21 Pro Installation only requires to copy needed files to a directory and execute regsvr32 command.

regsvr32 c:\b21pro\basp21p.dll
when you are using IE and install from BASP21P.CAB file, the files will be installed to the system directory. regarding BASP21P.CAB  file, refer to Auto Install by IE

* How can I check if it is installed?

Execute BHELPER.EXE from command prompt as following.

c:\b21pro\bhelper -v
using -e option allow you to check BASP21P.INI file settings.
c:\b21pro\bhelper -v -e env1

* How can I know the version of Basp21 Pro?

Execute BHELPER.EXE from command prompt as following.

c:\b21pro\bhelper -v
or refer to Version property.
ver = bobj.Version

* Is it prohibited to redistribute BASP21Pro to other facilities with developed application?

Yes, it is prohibited. Redistributed facilities must have site license for BASP21 Pro.

* Does it work as plug-in on Netscape?

Yes. Method work on Netscape Navigator 3.x or later. JavaScript cooperation feature is supported on Navigator 4.x by LiveConnect Feature.

<EMBED env=env1 java=yes type=application/x-basp21-plugin
 exec="UpLoad ....." name="basp21p" width=400 height=300>

* How do I share the files/directories created on I.I.S.?

The directories/files created on NTFS file system by BASP21 Pro may not be able to be deleted by other accounts. In such case, change the ownership of files in security dialogue. Follow the procedure listed below. In case you want to delete files without difficulties ,(e.g. while testing) specify "1" to fileshare parameter in BASP21P.INI file. specifying "1" will allow you to create directories and files that allows everyone to have access privileges.


* Can I resend mails using another SMTP server ?

Yes, you can. 'FlushMail' method transmits mails stored in mail queues (directory), the mail data files that failed to be sent, or succeeded to be sent will be moved to different directories. You can specify the directory that you want mails to be resent in 'FlushMail' method.

rc = bobj.FlushMail(svr,dirname)

* How do I cancel the method run on server-side from client?

List of methods being run on server-side can be shown by Monitor method . Specify thread ID that is shown by Monitor method, and Call Cancel method. you can cancel the method with the value of "-2(cancel)" in Result property. Cancel method does NOT cancel script but method.

If you are running method in script continuously, you need to create such script that properly refer to the Result property to finish.

If bobj.Result < 0 Then

* Is SSL (https) supported?

Supported in 'DownLoad' method and 'UpLoad' method.

Use "https://" instead of "http://" in URL parameter. and it will allow you to use SSL encrypted communication. SSL can be run on the following operating systems.

- Windows 2000 Server / Advanced Server / Professional
- Windows NT Server 4.0 SP4 or later
- Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP4 or later
- Windows Me
You need to follow the procedure listed below to use SSL encrypted communication on Windows 95/98 environment with BASP21 Pro.
1. Install Internet Explorer 5.01 or later
2. Install Directory Service Client.
   Directory Service Client is included in CD-ROM of Windows 2000 Server.
3. Add ",schannel.dll" to Security Providers in the registry.
Note:If you modify registory before installing Directory Service Client,the system may not boot up.

* How do I change X-Mailer header when sending mail.

xmailer parameter can change X-Mailer header when sending mail.

* Method does not work properly...

First, please make sure if BASP21 Pro Component is properly installed. In order to check if installation is completed, Execute BHELPER.EXE from command line with full path.

c:\b21pro\bhelper -v
If the dialogue is viewed ,it is properly installed. Next, Execute BHELPER.exe with specifying 'Env' name to check if BASP21P.INI fileis properly created
c:\b21pro\bhelper -e env1 -v
Next, Check the configuration in allow parameter in dialogue view to make sure if the method execution is allowed.

You can take log from the beginning with setting logfile parameter in [global] section as follows

----------------- basp21p.ini -------------------------------------------

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