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Products - B21Soft, Inc. and Terra-International, Inc.

  • BASP21 Pro now on sale.
    server-side standard component for IIS server
  • BFup Pro ActiveX Control to be out in the end of January, 2002
    client-side component for browser.

BFup Pro ActiveX Control's Feature Introduction

BFup Pro ActiveX Control works on Browser(IE),enabling file Up and Downloading in very easy way.
BFup Pro Features of ActiveX Control:

HTTP FTP SupportSupport HTTP File Upload(RFC1867) and FTP protocol.
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is also supported.
Download SupportSupport Not only Uploading but also Downloading.
Superior User InterfaceYou can specify default file name that is not available in conventional file Uploading by Browser,Drug and Drop File,specify Folder,and view progress condition.
High Performancelight and fast plug-in created in Visual C++. You can speed up HTTP File Uploading(RFC1867) when used with BASP21 Pro.
Japanese Code ConversionWhile Uploading/Downloading, File code can be converted to Japanese Code(SJIS/EUS/JIS,UCS2,UTF8),You can send files in different names when uploading.
SecuritySupport Encryption by SSL(https://). You can Upload/Download files (HTTP/FTP) with Original Encryption.
You can control behavior by npbfup.ini
Highly Customizable-View File/Folder Selection Dialogue when Uploading.
-View Save Dialogue when downloading
-Auto Upload/Download
-Auto Browser Window Close
-Change Messages between Japanese and English
SignedOf course have signature.

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