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BASP21 Pro

BASP21 Pro is general component for internet application in Windows based Operating System. BASP21 Pro is commercial  edition of BASP21 that is free and famous for its' easy usability.

Basp21 Pro is a Super Component! You can use BASP21 Pro as Server-side Component for group ware you can also use it as Client-side component.

BASP21 Pro have significant features shown below.

  * can be run from All kind of Application.
    - you can use from ASP, VB/VBA/VC++
    - work as ActiveX Control in IE 3.02,4.0 5.0,5,5
  * Support SMTP (Send Mail Transfer Protocol) / POP3 (PostOffice Protocol)
    - Package mail transmission
    - Re-Sending Feature
    - Plug type mail transmission
  * File Upload (HTTP/FTP)
    - server-side
    - client-side, separating sending feature.
    - support SSL encrypted connection for Upload/Download.
  * File Download (HTTP/FTP)
    - client-side, with resume feature.
  * Environment Configuration Feature
   - you can configure server name, directory name ..etc using BASP21P.ini
  * Adding New Feature
    - Support File modification check ('SecureFile' Method)
    - Support Monitoring for BASP21 Pro Object Operation in different thread ('Monitor' Method)
    - Support Method canceling ('Cancel' Method)
    - Support Text file diff  ('Diff'  Method)
    - Support File Sort ('SortFile' Method)
  * Log Feature
    - Support collecting data for debugging and performance data
  * Adding Client-side Feature
    - Progress Condition Dialogue, User Interface with event support.
    - Auto Install by CAB file.
    - Auto Downloading by  BASP21P.INI
  * Adding Batch processing feature (BHELPER.EXE)
    - Run Method from command line.
    - Run Method from text file.

BASP21 Pro Component Requirements

BASP21 Pro Component Requirements is as follows.

Hardware RequirementsI386 Architecture .DOS/V PC, PC98-NX series, PC-9821series
OSWindows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, 2003 Server/Advanced Server
Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 95/98/Me
host requirementASP, IE 3.02 or above, WSH,VBA,Visual Basic 5.0/6.0
Visual C++ 5.0/6.0


1 Site License: US$1,000
Site License permits an organization to share BASP21 Pro among one or more PCs (regardless of Server or client) at a single facility. The term [Site] does not have any Relation to [Domain]. Even in case you use multi-domains as ISP, It is permitted to use BASP21 pro on PCs at a single facility.
Distribution to another facility is prohibited.
Currently We only provide site license.

How to purchase

To try to use the BASP21 Pro Trial Version, please e-mail to us (info@terra-intl.com) with the contents below. We will send you the estimate and Trial Version with the e-mail after that.

Subject: Estimate Request for BASP21 Pro
Site Name: your company's site name (URL or site address)
e-mail address:

In order to purchase BASP21Pro, move

here and order the basp21pro.

We send you a license key of BASP21Pro and Delivery Notification when we accept the deposits. We only offer the manuals of BASP21Pro only on the web and documents included in this product. Plus, documents in PDF format (English)


1 Year Free e-Mail Support is available. Support includes followings

inquirity on the usage of  product.
Inquirity for defective operation.
Download service for Minor Version-Up Edition.

Document Availability

Documents are available online and on e-mail (After the purchase, we will send you the documents in PDF format). Check for latest manuals frequently if you are referring printed or offline manual.
BASP21 Pro Manual Lists is as follows.

Manual NameDescription
BASP21 Pro User's GuideHow to use in different environments (e.g. ASP/IE)
BASP21 Pro Application GuideHow to develop Applications (e.g. mail send / file upload)
BASP21 Pro referenceExplication on Methods and properties
BASP21 Pro Release NoteRelease Note and Explication on how to Install, Uninstall and version up. included in installed files
BASP21 Pro FAQFrequently Asked Questions.

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